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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


"After the final no, there comes a yes
And on that yes the future world depends."

Wallace Stevens

Anyone else feeling as though there has been a steady flow of recent and unfortunate news?

I won't bother to catalogue the details here.

Instead I'd prefer to use this space to send some much-needed happy thoughts out to those of my dear friends who could use a little extra right about now:

rainbows (but no butterflies)
resounding vibrations of OM circle energy
deliciously long, warm hugs
singing ABBA songs out loud while dancing in the kitchen
trying to play catch with balloons
warm brownies and vanilla gelato
first cup of coffee on a cold day
climbing into a freshly made bed
lying on grass watching clouds
warm sand and warm waves
sunset on water (waiting for the green flash!)
singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
scratching a loved one's back
painting toenails
warm stone under bare feet
pine needles baking in the sun
maple syrup on fingertips
fresh-cut flowers on the table
fuzzy tomato leaves
a purring cat stretched out on its back
sound of rain against the roof
cartwheels - anywhere
the tooth fairy antics
finger painting
witty sarcasm...

What helps you to forget your worries and sadness?

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