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Saturday, February 20, 2010


"If I Had Only...

forgotten future greatness

and looked at the green things and the buildings

and reached out to those around me

and smelled the air

and ignored the forms and the self-styled obligations

and heard the rain on the roof

and put my arms around my wife

...and it's not too late"

Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself

The first words of this piece are filled with such a pervasive sense of regret. Mired in the regret it feels as though hope is lost. If only different choices had been made, time spent differently. Self-constructed obstacles prevented this. It feels as though the time has passed. There is a finality to these words.

And yet...I love the feeling of of renewed hope that arrives so unexpectedly at the end.

Let go of the regret, the past is gone. But each moment is another chance. It is not too late! The message is urgent and grave and raucous. Shake yourself awake for the time is NOW!

This is the year of the Tiger...a year full of radical change and opportunity. According to the Chinese calendar this year began on February 14th, 2010. So here in case you needed a second chance at a fresh start to the New year - you've got it!

I embrace this change! I am committed to creating the life I truly want - a extraordinary life I will enjoy along the way and will look back upon with joy, awe and a sense of wonder.

How do you plan to live the next year? Will you look back at 2010 and think "If I Had Only..."