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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Our incorrigible senses have the ability to exhume from the vaults of our minds strikingly vivid, seemingly full-bodied memories and images. Retelling stories ancient within the timeline of our lifetime.

These stories are so old that they no longer have the flesh of their own words.

Yet these memories quickly rise to the surface with the merest scent, the slightest texture, the faintest song. Murky are these moments when we are caught unawares by the persuasive embrace of the past.

For today's creativity challenge I created a layered, textured, collage...I'd like to accompany my collage with a soundtrack and scents...so here are a few. ENJOY!

The subtle scent of lavender and echinacea reminds me of a 13-year-old boy who lent me his scarf one rainy May day in Yellowstone…

Sunlight mixed with fresh-cut grass and skin lathered with Dove soap stir images of long hot summer showers…

Dust, sweat and pine needles baked under the sun return me to lazy afternoons on Devil’s Head…

Taste of vine ripened tomatoes and damp creek-scented breeze tinged with dog woods recall evenings plucking vegetables from our childhood garden and the surprise of Alice-in-Wonderland-style surreal-sized tomato worms...

Garden roses still remind me of holiday breakfasts with my grandparents alongside their rose garden…decades ago and scraped knees from climbing jagged, sun-drenched lava rocks to play beneath the pines...

The rustle of breeze through summer-lush, cottonwoods, their fecund fluff filling the sky and blanketing the fields like an early snowfall…

The contrast of daily textures so often overlooked…scratchy garden twine against velveteen tomato leaves and their smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom fruits. Bare feet moving across the warm, deep pile of our area rug onto the cool, warn slats of our hardwood floors…

Curious mixture of raven’s caw-caw, mingled with a grackle’s tweet-tweet and the rhythmic trance of Hearing Damage, resonating within me like a tuning fork…

Have you noticed? Even in the silence the persistent thrum of technology continues to fill the void…we’re never truly without some sense being artificially stimulated, encouraged, triggered…

Our senses conjure from memory the most fragile of images with merely the faintest of hinted scents wafting upon the breeze. Awakening long-quiet parts of ourselves. Simultaneously wild,translucent, sacred and delicate.

What might happen if we could silence all of our senses? Just for one minute? What might we feel?

Clarity? Or simply a quenching emptiness and silence?


  1. Thank you for the clarity. Beautiful post and collage...exuding full-bodied text and texture.

  2. Thank you both for stopping by to comment! xo

  3. I think if I silenced all my senses, I'd hear crickets.

  4. Ooooh! I love a chorus of crickets. Or cicada. Reminds me of summer evenings at home after passionate thunder storms.

  5. Lovely collage and five senses guide. I believe if I could stop all external and internal noise I would more than likely hear the ocean waves.

  6. Great post and image. I think I might hear my brain ticking!

  7. You are ever-so-right, Hazydaisy! Sometimes the external silence simply reveals our own inner tickings and tockings noise!

    Ahh now imagining the sound of rolling ocean waves might hlp to calm that, thanks Little Mochi!

  8. I am always amazed that the quieter my surroundings become, the more new sounds I find waiting to be discovered. Silence has many layers, waiting to be enjoyed. Thanks Clea.


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