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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Simple enough.

How we breath is how we live.

The coordinated functioning of our nervous and respiratory systems. Prompted by our environment, our mood, our reactions...this subtle, at times subconscious, act directly influences our energy.

Our shallow, irregular breaths lack the capacity to adequately fuel our organs. Running on fumes blood flow to our organs decreases, compromising digestion and concentration and increasing anxiety levels.

Breath mirrors our response. Stop. Notice. When we gain awareness our breath becomes an instructional tool for living.

When we learn to breath mindfully, deep, intoxicating, delicious inhales and exhales, we suddenly have the power and prana (energy) to live and experience fully.

Today I am enjoying the feeling of my breath when I laugh. The slow, satisfaction as my belly expands with vital air on the inhale. The cathartic wringing of a thorough exhale.

Describe your breath in this moment. Are these words you want to describe your life?