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Friday, May 28, 2010


As the old adage goes...you are what you eat. I am a voracious reader. I consume books, of all varieties. I tear through them. I linger over them. Sometimes I savour pages and chapters, drawing them out like a lengthy meal with wine shared with excellent company...and yet other times, I read with a velocity that barely allows time enough for comprehension and digestion.

If a palm reader could pour over my shelves and spread the recent collection of my readings wide, I wonder what she would conclude? (And why do I automatically assume that all palm readers are female?)

Below I reveal the indiscriminate pattern of my most recent reads...perhaps you can elucidate on any hidden meanings as you see fit...

These are from the last few months...

My Antonia, Willa Cather (again)

Images of the wide open west, its raw beauty, the allure of its possibilities, its savageness.

Society of S, Susan Hubbard

Vampires struggling against one another in a race to develop synthetic blood.

Evermore, Alyson Noel

Haunted by conversations with her ghostly little sister, a mortal is drawn to an immortal. This is not the first lifetime they have met...

The Book of Air and Shadows, Michael Gruber

Action, suspense and romance when letters point to the existence of an original Shakespeare manuscript.

Blue Moon, Alyson Noel

Second in the immortals series. Ever lives on...

Death in Venice, Thomas Mann

Worth several readings. Mann packs every sentence in this tragic tale.

Lace Reader's Guide, Brunonia Barry

A twisting narrative loaded with surprises.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia de Luce mystery series), Alan Bradley (first-time author at 70!)

A spunky 11-year-old, consumed with chemistry and fascinated by poisons, solves her first mystery.

The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag, Alan Bradley

Second in the series. A traveling puppeteer arrives and sinister things begin to occur in this small English village.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Judith Kerr

What happens when a tiger arrives at the door expecting tea.

City of Bones, Cassandra Clare

First in the Mortal Instruments Series. Clary is introduced to the world of Shadowhunters.

The Wednesday Letters, Jason F. Wright

A husband's tradition of writing a letter to his wife every Wednesday exposes a family secret after his death.

City of Ashes, Cassandra Clare

Second in the Mortal Instruments Series. Shadowhunters continue their battle in Manhattan.

I Am Papa Snap and These are My Favorite No Such Stories, Tomie Ungerer

An odd collection of short stories with imaginative illustrations and slightly off-center characters. Think Mercer Mayer's Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-A-Zoo but darker.

Babar the King, Jean de Brunhoff

Babar at his best - imaginative, adventurous, clever and endearing.

The Best Buddhist Writing, compilation

Compelling shorts shed light on varying Buddhist perspectives.

City of Glass, Cassandra Clare

Third and final installment. Return to the homeland of Idris.

Babar and Zephyr, Jean de Brunhoff

Follow the monkey on his adventures as he meets mermaids, charms terrifying monsters and attempts to rescue a kidnapped princess. Wonderfully imaginative!

Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr

Faeries lure a mortal into their world in another attempt to fulfill the legends.