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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is my sketch for today's challenge...it's entitled Empty Cage.

As part of today’s exercise I created a visual timeline of my life. How incredible to witness the string of seemingly insignificant events that have filled my lifetime and intersected like some extravagant connect-the-dots, to form my uniquely significant path. These serendipitous, often baffling, sometimes humorous adventures that have brought me directly here (Yes, please do imagine a large, red “You are here” sign).

Exactly where I need to be.

Today’s Creativity Challenge word is HUSH…

My mind tends to run immediately to the opposite of a suggested condition. Is this out of sheer rebellion? Or perhaps for contrast? The clarity that comes with opposites and contrast. In order to clearly define one condition it is necessary to build a foundation of understanding upon knowledge of its opposite.

I feel, rather than know, that I somehow must understand what ISN’T in order to know what truly IS.

Therefore if I am attempting to gain further understanding of the word hush, when in my lifetime have I experienced cacophony?

Noise of an impossible decibel and intensity.

I remember…the proximity of exhilarated fans as Brazil triumphed in the 1994 world cup.

…the indescribable loudness of metal crumpling upon impact.

…the incredible intensity of a forest full of birds rising in symphony with the Costa Rican sun.

…the rowdy raucous of laughter as delighted and surprised children toss water balloons on a chilly June afternoon.

…the contagious exuberance of violinist Lucia Micarelli as her notes encourage the individual cells in my body seem respond to her spirited connection with her music.
An unnatural absence of sound.

Hush implies an imposed stillness and quiet. Like raising a fingertip to your lips, encouraging someone to be quiet, to be still. The word hush precludes an uncomfortable and awkward silence. Expectant. The noise may return and the word may need repeating.

…the unexpectedly utter emptiness of my father’s cold hand shortly after he had passed

…the hauntingly warm yet completely limp body of my beloved cat impossibly draped in my arms…filled only moments before with his comfortably familiar breath and life.

A presence that was previously there and is now uncomfortably, noticeably absent.
When that final elaborate silence arrives there is no longer any need for words like hush. That which one corrupted silence has all but fled. With the bird released, the cage sits empty, vacant, waiting. Leaving a stillness, a space that is thick, stifling.

I am grateful for the perspective gained in the present. And the ability to feel grateful and content with where I am right this moment.


  1. Wow, that was nice. I so resonated with the emptiness of a loved one's cold hand and the limp body of a beloved pet. Nice companion for the word hush.

    I find your words "I feel, rather than know, that I somehow must understand what ISN’T in order to know what truly IS" compelling. I envy your quest to know what isn't... I seem to trust the answer of what is and then feel betrayed when I discover it isn't. You are a sleuth in your creative path! NICE!

  2. Cute sketch! Love how she's setting the bird free.

  3. I love your sketch...so talented. You are an artist from head to toe, inside and out. Lovely.


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