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Thursday, September 9, 2010


There is a glorious and highly valuable quality in transparency. A sublte, lost art.

The ability to roll down the tinted windows that we cruise through our daily lives safely, discretely hidden behind. Remove the mask and reveal the delicate, authentic truths that we so seldom find the appropriate time, person and space to share. A cherished glimpse of a rarely seen private collection of memories, stories, dreams.

Tact and selectivity serve real purpose in our daily lives. It is the truth that perhaps even now some share openly, honestly and completely innappropriately.

Then in the darkest hours or the quietest of places. Tucked in among intimate conversations. A perfect ratio of volume, temperature, proximity and company allow for candid, forthright revelations. A steady, articulate unveiling of truths and experiences. Liberation.

What a glorious, radiant thrill! The art of the timely reveal. As elegant and demure as the curve of skin from beneath cloth. Just a hint....

What would you unveil?