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Monday, March 1, 2010


I've been wanting to share these....a few photos of a place sacred to me. I visited last on a wintry day. The scene had changed so dramatically with the seasons. Difficult to imagine the lively, green hillsides dormant beneath these fragile, brittle winter coats.

I climbed to the top of these hillsides again. Perching myself as close to the vast blue heavens as my feet would carry me. I sat still, eyes closed and felt the shiver of wind, the prickle of dry grass with nothing but the blissful, silence cloaked around me...


When is serendipity a joyful coincidence and when is it a timely test from the universe?

“Serendipity is the wisdom of recognizing and then moving with the energetic flow of the unexpected. It has a crablike quality, an ability to accumulate understanding and create progress by moving sideways rather than in a linear fashion. Serendipity pushes us to think about attitude and humility, the nature of developing theories of social change . . ."

The Moral Imagination: The art and soul of building peace (2005) by John Paul Lederach

I learned a new term in my research: zemblanity. As the opposite of serendipity, zemblanity is the habit of making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries by design.

I am an optimist by nature. I hold hope alive within me.

I accepted this serendipitous event with grace, love, forgiveness and open arms. Now I accept all of this grace, love and forgiveness into my own life with open arms. I gratefully accept what I myself have offered freely and openly to others.

I patiently await your sign.

My life is better with you in it....