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Sunday, August 30, 2009


"Little Miss Giggles has lost her giggle..."

I have a soft spot for children's literature. It's concise, filled with whimsical illustrations and often ends with a delightful message.
Why is it that as adults we tend to drag everything out?
Unlike most writing for adults, juvenile literature has been carefully boiled down to only the necessary essence. Anticipation is a powerful device when used sparingly. As adults we are tempted to over-complicate everything.

Keep it simple!

I wish there was a children's book editor who would glance at the story of my life. I could use a bit of rewriting. There are too many confusing plot twists and right about now we're sorely lacking in happy endings. Our audience is becoming restless.
Can I demand a rewrite?

So many examples of satisfying characters and playful story lines exist. The Mr. Putter and Tabby series or anything written by Cynthia Rylant offers amiable characters, playful spins on ordinary situations and little life lessons. Or take the Little Miss series...always ready with a happy ending of some sort. Babar and Madeline offer extraordinarily detailed artwork combined with imaginative stories. Our well-worn editions of Babar and Zephir and Madeline and the Gypsies continue to be read and reread again and again.

Miserable Miss Giggles still hasn't found her giggle.

In the end, dear Mr. Happy cleverly presents Miss Giggles with an empty box, containing one medium-sized giggle. When her beloved friend claims that giggles are invisible, Miss Giggles replies that that's a preposterous idea! And then Miss Giggles proceeds to GIGGLE.

Anyone have an empty box handy?
The life of a bedtime story character is so simply satisfying!

What are a few of your favorite bedtime stories? Do they mirror your life?
May all beings be allowed to find great happiness, peace and sweet dreams.