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Not-so-silent observations that splinter my conversations. Harnessing the steady flow of random thoughts and musings that continuously interrupt my daily conversations. Paired here with my artwork and photographs from recent adventures. Non sequitur (pronounced \ˈnän-ˈse-kwə-tər\)- a response which, due to its apparent lack of meaning relative to its context, seems absurd to the point of being humorous or confusing.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have a dear friend, (I truly hope I can still call him that), who would thrill at the knowledge that I have finally, if a bit begrudgingly, created a blog. The truth is I do this out of necessity. In his absence, my stray thoughts need a home.

Somehow we began to walk and talk. How did it all begin? With each purposeful step, our dialogue seemed to flow - rich, abundant, satisfying. For a time, the flow of conversation and topics and commentary seemed vast, endless. Overflowing through rugged hikes and lazy strolls the banter continued to spill forth. Did I mention that this friend of mine is that perfect mix of patient and honest, clever yet subtle, challenging while encouraging.

It was on one of our many meandering walks that my dear, honest friend finally interrupted MY interruptions to express his frustration with my constant mental chatter. He had once again lost his brilliant train of thought due to the random thoughts and commentary that would suddenly and spontaneously erupt from me. It seems that in my genuine urge to communicate with him I had created a running narrative on our surroundings, passerby and the strange chain -reaction of thoughts these would stir in my mind. (Breath. That was almost a run-away sentence.) As he expressed his annoyance, I, of course, interrupted triumphantly with the condition for the symptoms he was describing with such distaste - "non sequiturs!"

At the time, there was some relief, accompanied by heartfelt laughter, that came with being able to call "them" something - even though a shared relevance or connection was a stretch, as each one of my stray thoughts was, by nature, completely unrelated to the next. Conveniently, non sequiturs became the topic of conversation. Therefore, in order to thoroughly illustrate their definition, these unrelated interruptions belonged as a necessary part of our dialogue, for a time...

Now there is a place to put these random thoughts, curiosities and inner musings. While each entry may defy logic or reason in its original context, here they all find a home - related to one another due to the mere fact that they are completely unrelated to each other or anything else.
Stray thoughts, kenneled here. Non sequiturs, sequestered.
Perhaps as I gather them together I will recognize some until-now unrealized pattern or connection between them all. But then they might perhaps no longer be considered true non seguiturs...

With immense gratitude to authentic friends who are not only willing to listen, but are also willing to engage in, the messy art of conversation. And in honor of my dear Father who patiently shared with me his thorough love of language and of life.