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Monday, March 1, 2010


I've been wanting to share these....a few photos of a place sacred to me. I visited last on a wintry day. The scene had changed so dramatically with the seasons. Difficult to imagine the lively, green hillsides dormant beneath these fragile, brittle winter coats.

I climbed to the top of these hillsides again. Perching myself as close to the vast blue heavens as my feet would carry me. I sat still, eyes closed and felt the shiver of wind, the prickle of dry grass with nothing but the blissful, silence cloaked around me...


  1. What a great place. It is funny... your sacred place inspires you to sit and commune with nature. When I looked at those pictures, I instantly thought how great it would be to run up that road.

    It is pretty cool how the same place can inspire two people in different ways...

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ahhh! Love that Lisa!

    This was initially a place I went to escape and walk, hike, run away from everything, as long and as far as my feet would carry me. This is still one of the reasons I love this place - the long, windy, deserted trails, the open space and challenging hills.

    I've learned for me that there is great value when I stop, sit and be still. My nature tends to be to move, to keep going, to carry on...sometimes for me the greatest challenge comes with staying put and keeping silent.

    May we each find our own path, our own pace and our own sacred place.


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