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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." - Scott Adams

A dear friend posted this quote on her blog, Life Without Novacaine, recently. http://lifewithoutnovacaine.blogspot.com/2009/10/acts-of-kindness-random-i-think-not.html
Wow it has returned to me over and over again during the last few days. Haunting, in a positive way!
Sometimes in our busy-ness it takes the large acts to really get our attention. The little subtle details of our ordinary interactions, especially with those in our close inner circle, often get missed. But what about each of the little, subtle kindnesses that we extend to one another over a given day?

Slow down.
Scale back.
Create a cushion of space around us.
All of these encourage gratitude to blossom and nurture us and others to continue to let the kindness flow. No matter how small the trickle. These are the ways in which we begin to NOTICE kindness in its many forms.
Kindness breeds kindness, certainly. Showing our gratitude is the water that nourishes kindness.

Sometimes the act of kindness is in the BEING and not in the DOING.

Consistently offering yourself, simply with connection, love, understanding, reaching out on a regular basis or giving a hug. BEING consistently present for those we love and care about means creating a relationship that is based on our simple EVERYDAY presence. Not waiting until the birthdays, holidays, life's big events or when we need something to make ourselves known as friends. This can be a challenge in our filled-to-the-brim lifestyles!

Have you ever had an initial urge to help, reach out to someone, offer a hand, kindness in some form...but then something inside convinced you not to?

What was an occasion when a small act of kindness was all it took to make your day?

What are some of the ways we can BE kind to those we value, rather than DO?

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  1. Thank you for posting that quote...it really has power behind it! To anwer your questions:
    Have I ever had the urge to help and then been convinced not to?
    Yes. Many times lately because the ones I would "help" would only be bound in their "issues" becaues my help would only enable them to be stuck. My kindness in this situation has been to watch them struggle. Ugh. That's a tough one.

    A small act of kindness to make my day?
    Someone commented on my appearance on a day I felt like horrible. It has stuck with my for days. In fact I have to say that was a couple of weeks ago and look, I am still talking about it. (in my head anyway!)

    How can we be kind without doing?
    Pull back and show support with our mental power, not physical power. Especially when we have a tendancy to jump in and save the day, pick up all the pieces or just plain have our fingerprints on something

    Great post! You are onto something! :)


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