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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Searching for the deeper meaning of life experiences...

Girl meditating beneath a tree stung by a bee. Sounds like a tabloid headline. So reads the synopsis of my afternoon.

Bees are considered divine messengers. What does this mean?

I was simply trying to follow my goal:
meditating on the finality of letting go. Releasing struggle. This was it. A ritual to signify the final goodbye.

Answers arrive. Sometimes in a timely fashion. Others much later in my life. In some cases I have had to let go of the answer coming before it has agreed to arrive.

Letting go.

Other times, while the answer may be present, I am simply, unwilling or unable to recognize it.

How to find closure in this time? Simply thank the event for being part of my overall experience. Let it go. This brings a sense of completion and closure to the process that this life experience has made possible.

Today I make this letting go a tangible act. In the hopes that my heart is lighter for it.

I write my final journal entry on the subject. I meditate with the intention of releasing this event from my consciousness. As I do so, I summon this experience one last time. I honor it with my love and attention. I acknowledge my gratitude for this experience.

And I say good-bye.

Then I let it go.

Released out from the very pores of my being. Pouring forth from my heart, my hands, my head, my feet. Free from within me. Liberated. This burden is gone.

My intention was to let go.

I sat peacefully envisioning and experiencing for one last time the emotional spectrum of these past two years. Nestled among the sturdy, sprawling roots beneath that significant tree. It seemed only appropriate.

I clearly imagined releasing it all. Letting it go...


And in that moment a tickling under my arm startled me. I reached up only to grasp the innocent creature in my hand. In so doing I plucked his stinger from him. I could clearly see it. Efficiently anchored in my tender skin.

A divine messenger? What if I misinterpret the message? I was letting go. Isn't that what I was supposed to do?

Bees were thought to carry knowledge of the future. Can I have a glimpse at the next chapter along with the conveniently embedded stinger? Please?

What does this mean!? Or is my lesson to let this go as well. Carry on as intended. Stay focused. Say a final goodbye.

I'd like to exorcise the swollen nagging in my arm along with the rest. Or shall I let this distract me from my task. Am I not meant to let go, quite yet?

Girl unsuspecting, meditating under tree, stung by a bee.

What would you like to bee gone from you?

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  1. Could it ever be possible to receive the lesson without the sting?


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