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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ahhhhhh, the joy and simplicity of childhood...

Life at this time is reduced to a series of tangible favorites. Clearly defined and seemingly unchangeable.

Children often speak in these terms. As adults we loose this ability, this sense of clarity in general terms.

Once upon a time, over 5 years ago, I was nonchalantly asked what my favorite color was. Haphazardly I responded "purple." For 5 years that answer has haunted me...

Flash to today:

"What's your favorite color?" she asks again.

In my grown-up voice I fire back, "Color of what, exactly? To wear? To paint my bedroom?"

In my mind context is everything. Where would this color be? What would it be paired with? I need more information.

Give me more...in an effort to somehow justify or rationalize my color choice

"Your favorite animal?" she inquires.

"For what purpose? To cuddle, to carry me across the desert, to protect me?" I query.

"Just pick an animal, you know, that you like." she calmly encourages (just a hint of patient understanding in her voice).

"An action verb." she insists, "like run, jump, dance..." she lists a few examples in case I need a refresher course on grammatical terms.

"Leap." I carelessly respond.

I can play. It's like MadLibs. No consequences. I hope...

If the answers didn't matter, if there were no consequences and no one to judge your responses, what would YOUR favorites be?

Is there a difference between these answers and your grown-up mind's thoughtful, calculated response?


  1. My daughter's most frequent color choice is... purple, as is my mother's and her mother before. Love the photo and its brilliance. Response seems potentially measured in consideration of the audience. Open, but proper context for a child, pointed with intent for a client, and much closer to care-free when in the company of loved ones or close friends. Green for me, but I reserve the right to refine my answer. ;)

  2. Turquoise. Elephants. Fly.

    Those are my answers and all lined up together they make an interesting sentence! Nice post my friend. : )


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