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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A detailed response.

To elaborate extensively.

I have yet to look up the clinical definition of explicit...

I tend to be thorough so it's rather surprising that I have yet to do this.

If you were hoping for photographs in this post, I need to be honest and up-front, you may be sorely disappointed....

But I am trying to unearth the use of this word within the context of my own life.


I have a preponderance for truth. Absolute.

I do not tolerate waffling explanations or rambling uncertainties or wavering answers.

I have a tendency to be overtly authentic.

"You are a truth-teller." my friend said, in a slightly accusatory tone.

Does this make you uncomfortable?

It is our responsibility to present ourselves honestly to those we value in our lives. Then to trust that they will know what to do from there.

If we don't provide each other with the whole truth, then we are unable to make entirely educated decisions. We are basing our decisions upon unstable foundations, wobbling half-truths.

Would you build your dream home on sand? Absolutely NOT!

Why then would you dare to construct each day of your life and each relationship you hold dearly upon anything less than the solidity of your truth?

Start now. Don't hold back.

The truth sets us free.

Honesty empowers us and those we truly value with the power to make appropriate decisions.

Enjoy the power.

Lavish those you love with the truth.

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