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Friday, February 19, 2010


You can never truly get what you want from another. Whatever that is it must arise from within yourself.

Acceptance is a state, a place where we come to after a long, strenuous journey. A place that we arrive into the moment that we surrender.

We create the need to do. Is it possible for us to arrive at surrender without doing? Perhaps. In resisting we create the tension, the opposite of the state we desire. In letting go of our resistance we allow room for acceptance. As though the heat and pressure of our combined resistance culminates in the act of letting go and creates a tiny crack deep within us. Here in the crack, in what we might view outwardly as imperfection or flaw or mistake, we have created a space and opportunity in which acceptance can grow and even thrive.

After a time, who can tell exactly how long or short, we regain our strength and rebuild our trust. Buoyed by a new sense of empowerment and gratitude.

This is the place where we might find within ourselves exactly what we have always been searching for....

I accept the situations and the people in my life for exactly who and what they are. I can only create change in myself and my own responses. I am personally committed to this change.

This is the year of the Tiger! I am taking decisive action to create the life and support system I have always dreamed of. I am a very different person today than I was a year ago, a week ago or even yesterday. I take 100% personal responsibility for myself. I look forward to abundant gratitude, love and trust!

May you find along your journey exactly what you are looking for:)

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