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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Honest. Authentic. Genuine. True. Satya.

How many times throughout our day do we adjust the truth to serve our purpose, to protect our self or others, or to please?
"When you try to protect people by not telling them the truth, you multiply their suffering."

When we openly, willingly share the truth we create space for our relationships to grow and thrive. When we alter the truth or leave out essential details we build obstacles for ourselves and others to overcome.

Truth expedites results and actions. As if we've dropped a stone into a pristine pool of water. The ripples immediately follow. It's definitely smoother to swallow our truths.

We may tell ourselves convincing stories...that our lack of truth is simply in an effort to protect those we love or to avoid conflict and unnecessary discomfort.

Each time we fail to communicate our truths, we succeed in breeding distrust. We may even begin to forget how to trust ourselves.

It's ever-so-easily done...a quick and harmless agreement to an engagement or commitment. "I'd rather be easy about it!" "I don't want to be a hassle."

We may notice an immediate sense of remorse for what we have agreed to. We feel a sudden urge to rescind our words. A squirming within us to undo what we have spoken or to develop a ploy to excuse ourselves from the commitment.

In these moments we create suffering for ourselves and others. Our short-term solution suddenly binds us to a long-term problem.

As Eckhart Tolle acknowledges, if we do not come to each moment with acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm then we bring only pain with us.
What a gift! The freedom that is offered when truth is encouraged and reciprocated.

Are you willing extend an open invitation for truth? To share in giving and willingly receive the same?

What might rise to the surface buoyed by such an authentic offering?


  1. What do you do if you know your truth would cause much suffering for another? Jump into the truth anyway because it will set you free? I am not sure on that one, a problem I am stuggling with lately.

  2. Hmmm...good one. Who does the truth serve? What is the motivation behind the truth telling?

    I feel I actually create suffering whenever I don't honor my truth.

    It's a more subtle cruelty. A bit of me wilts beacuse inside I'm wrestling with the truth I'm hiding and the bitterness that convinces me I don't have a choice. That the act of love requires me to suck it up, be the martyr, all in the hopes of protecting others from pain.

    But discomfort is part of our journey. We can drag it out and make it into suffering. Or we can own it, experience it fully and then hopefully set ourselves free from it.

    The anticipation is sometimes much worse the the actual act of truth. The stories we tell to convince ourselves that we shouldn't or couldn't be honest. Similar to waiting for the needle of the shot or the dentist's drill to commence.

    I have recently held some honest and uncomfortable conversations with my family members. I was surprised. I realized that I couldn't assume to know their suffering or to guess at their response to my honesty.

    All I truly know is myself. I know how important it feels for me to be able to live authentically especially around those I love. I am practicing being mindful and not rash or haphazard with the truth. To notice when I use it as a weapon and when I use it as an offering to create peace and to foster love and freedom.


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