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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I ate Belgian waffles for breakfast...

Not to worry, I haven't skipped tracks completely. This is not becoming a food blog. The point is that less than 12 hours after my
inaugural post I already had doubts,
second thoughts.

I was waffling already!?

Now I understood why people choose names like "myname" for their blog name - simple, clear, all-encompassing.

My initial attempts at a name included 'soft' verbs - collecting, harnessing, gathering...soon I set these aside. I wanted to compel my audience, inspire swift, decisive action and honest, open dialogue. And so, NON SEQUITURS UNITE was born.

In the ebbing darkness of early morning I began to lose my resolve...my faith wavered and I waffled. I began to question the subtle meanings behind my choices to blog and the name for this space. What have I done?!

Belgian waffles seemed the appropriate way to begin the day. Afterwards I felt newly restored, fortified and ready to conquer my fears, along with today's post. After all, why was I concerned if I was perhaps the only member of the audience?

By mid-day my resolve had fully returned. I intend to blog. To collect my non sequiturs. To organize them here. Many great artists have gone unrecognized and under-appreciated. In my own very human and humble way I hope to someday consider myself an artist, and be held with such regard by others. What medium you ask? Must I choose?
I clearly understand that the average blog speaks to an audience of one - the ego in many cases. I hold no grandiose expectations for my ramblings. I simply hope to extract these thoughts from my head, where they orbit endlessly around my daily tasks and conversations, occasionally peppering my dialgues like the shooting stars unpredictably crossing tonight's sky.
And to my dear friend who once jested about printing a t-shirt adorned with a waffle...much appreciation for inspiring this photograph.

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