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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I use the cross walk. I always diligently press the button. I patiently await the changing of the signal.

Have you ever wondered if the walk button actually does anything or is simply there for placebo effect, to persuade us that we have some level of control over the situation?

When the signal tells me it's time, I move purposefully on my path. I obey. No time to stroll.
Paying close attention to what I'm being told, as the signal shifts to the red hand, I begin to hustle hurriedly across. Red hand. White person. Why is the person green?
"The captain has turned off the fasten seat belts sign. You are now free to move about the cabin." Is it truly freedom if someone else is in charge of determining when you receive it?

Am I the only one who feels they often simply forget to turn the darn thing off?!

I live my life in a similar fashion. I wait for opportunities to present themselves. Then I respond. Methodical. Orderly. Planned. I am patient.

What happens when I desperately want to get somewhere and the universe hasn't yet changed the signal?

I feel an urgency to move away from where I am right now. Anywhere but stay here. This is no longer a delightful discomfort. This is an excruciating urge.

There are others I know who confidently chart a course across streets, between cars, darting through the gaps in traffic. Moving is a chronic state for them.

Are they choosing to deliberately cut corners and to break the rules or simply to follow an inner voice?

Rather than wait for the signal these brave (or foolish) pedestrians take control of their fate and charge forth. Convinced they are able to determine when the timing is right for them. Signals are meant for other people. The ones incapable of determining when it's appropriate on their own.

Is there fearlessness or courage in jay walking?

The signals, rules and cross walks were designed to keep us safe, to keep things orderly, to allow traffic to continue to flow. This system serves the community. What happens to the individuals' rights?

Does this habit reflect the way in which we live our lives? I stand still, quietly waiting for life to tell me when the time is right. Waiting. Deliberately. Emblematic of my path to date. Others spring forth and seize the moments and opportunities as they observe them. Pouncing with a ferocity for life. A zeal. A hoot-spa!

Would it serve me to become comfortable with jay walking? Or is there value in staying put where I am with my discomfort? Who will send the signal to let me know which is the appropriate choice?

What about you? Do you jay walk through life? Or are you practiced at staying put?

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  1. I am a jay walker but at the moment, the universe is telling me to sat put. I am listening.
    Instead of waiting for a signal, look inside and you'll find the answer is inside of you. Wait or go? Only you will know.
    Want to jay walk together one morning with coffee in hand?


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