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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am a recovering runner.
I would rush and hustle and hurry with a fierce pace, everywhere. Miles would pass in a sort of hazy blur. My sole concern was to push farther, go faster.
In my haste I missed all of these lovely details. The subtleties, like the first signs of the changing seasons, would go unnoticed.

I am grateful for the power of slowness. Now I appreciate meandering. I savour soaking up the details. Noticing. Listening.
What do you notice when you slow down?


  1. Today I noticed the smells of roses and plumeria. Heavenly!

  2. What do I notice when I slow down?
    I notice the beating of my heart that races to a fast paced life. I strain to hold back and slow down, unfortunately not an easy thing for me. I also notice that when I do slow down, I am VERY tired.
    Must learn to slow down...better... after I do this one last task...sigh...


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